Testimonial | DeTech

“We learned so much about Fire safety and are so thankful to DeTech. The facts that I learned tonight were very educational, it made me realize that even the fire safety taught in school is outdated.”

-James , Julie & Lyn Manchack


“We want to thank you for coming to our home, and discussing fire safety, and showing us the video of fire safety and hazards.  Besides the educational value, we really appreciate your honest, integrity, and no-hassle way of approaching us.”

-Kent & Becky Mobley


“Your information about fire protection really made me and my wife assess the value of our family’s safety.  The knowledge we gained will make our family feel safer.”

-Morgan Family


“It was a very informative presentation. We are fortunate that there are companies like DeTech that care about families and their safety.”

-Melinda Auqustus


“It was an outstanding presentation and the information definitely raised our awareness. Your interaction was superb!”

-Kimberly Baker


“The presentation given was very informative and a true eye opener. We want to thank you and your company for taking the time to come out and share this important information with us.”

-Debra Revels


“As a 14 year professional firefighter, I was extremely impressed with your knowledge.  I admit, I didn’t know most of the excellent points in your safety message.  I would like to thank you for educating the public with this importance.”

-Jason Wagner


“I had a wakeup call after the presentation!”

-Peter DeGrave


“We thought the information [you] gave us was very informative. It opened our eyes to a lot of shortcomings in our house as far as fire protection goes. We now have some sense of security about our children in case of fire.”

-Don & Betty Harrison


“[You] came to my home to share their knowledge of fire safety with me.  I was aware of the dangers of fire.  I just didn’t realize how unprepared I was in the event it would happen in my home….my thanks go out to [you] for caring.”

-The Grunwald Family


“We really enjoyed the information.  It really opened our eyes that we really needed to do more to keep our family safe and they are the most important thing.”

-Michael & Kristie Van Steinvoorn


“I was amazed to learn how much I was not prepared for a fire.  I thought we had done everything we needed to, to keep our family safe.  [It] was very informative, short and to the point.  I know many families that I would like you to share this information with.”

-Pat DiPiazza


“I am grateful to have learned this information before I had to suffer through a fire-related fatality or injury in my family.”

-Christopher Foster


“Thank you so much for providing invaluable information about fire safety and how to protect our family.  Thank you for the work you do to educate people.”

-Michelle Salatnio