Can I install my own alarms? | DeTech
Can I install my own alarms?

You can certainly install your own protection system in any existing home, however all local Authorized DeTech Dealers offer free installation because of the importance to your family's safety. (See the quote below)

"Just as important as selecting the proper type of alarm for the specific areas of your home is knowing where to install them to provide the most effective use of each device. It is imperative to properly place the detectors to provide the earliest warning possible and reduce the probability of false alarms. According to recent surveys as many as 30% of all detectors in homes today are improperly placed for optimal performance.

Unfortunately, most consumers are not aware of the importance of alarm placement and they don't know how to factor in things like heating and air conditioning, ceiling fans, airflow, dead air spaces, how stratification effects detector performance and many more important and commonly overlooked factors.

A well trained Safety Consultant will have the expertise to provide a professional recommendation that will give your family the best protection package to meet your needs."

Dr Grosse Certified, Advanced Fire Prevention Inspector