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CO Detectors

 A recent surge in legislation being passed at both the state and jurisdiction level across the country emphasizes the importance of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in all residences that use fossil fuels. Almost 500 deaths a year and over 15,000 people seeking medical attention* are attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning and could be prevented if carbon monoxide alarms were installed.


S-Tech CO Detector
A reliable Figaro sensing technology is the engine in this CO detector. Figaro's carbon monoxide sensor offers several advantages over traditional electrochemical sensors: it’s environmentally friendly, has a lower sensitivity to interference gases, long life, good long term stability, and high accuracy.

The unit is listed to the most up to date 3rd Edition of UL2034 CO Alarm Standards.

The CO level display tolerance (accuracy) is  +/- 15% rather than +/- 35% as with some other manufacturers.

Displays CO level in 1 ppm increments.

The display now has a readout status for all of its self-diagnostics including: On, Battery low, end of life, clear, error and off in addition to its CO level readings.

The LCD display is active all the time instead of just during an alarm condition or when manually tested. Simply looking at the display as you walk by assures you that your family is protected.

The unit tests for CO every minute.

Two year warranty.


Interlogix CO Detector
The most reliable, most accurate and best selling product on the market. This industrial grade detector is field-proven with more than a decade in the market and widest regulatory approvals.

This detector also has the ability to be monitored with the optional base station monitoring package.

The battery life, using 3-AA alkaline batteries for the monitored CO’s is 5 years.

5-year warranty, which is significantly longer than others on the market.
7 year life expectancy on the sensor.  No other product on the market can make a 7-year life claim.


Standard Features

  • Reliable electro-chemical sensing technology
  • Self-diagnostics keep the device operating optimally
  • Sensor is unaffected by fluctuations in ambient temperature
  • Clean, sleek design
  • Fully listed to the latest UL 2075 and UL 2034
  • One-touch TEST/HUSH button
  • Optional connection to the 24 hour Monitoring center