A study conducted at Texas A&M University found that the best protection from a home fire is a "complete package" that includes a combination of photocell smoke detectors and mechanical heat detectors.

DeTech can give you this protection and much more.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Mechanical Fusible Link Heat Detectors

In the early 1990s, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that 20% of all smoke detectors surveyed had dead batteries or a missing/disconnected power source. This is one reason why DeTech uses mechanical heat detectors -they do not require batteries.

Our heat detectors are mechanically operated and require no external power source or batteries. The unit is made from all metal construction and will last for decades. The heat detector's fusible link will melt at a preset temperature, producing a very reliable warning.

Note: Smoke detectors give earlier warning than heat detectors in nearly all residential fires. That is because detectable levels of smoke almost always develop before detectable levels of heat.


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