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Medical Alert


Why Consider The Safe At Home™ System?

  • Falls are one of the most serious health risks among seniors over the age of 65, affecting more people than stroke and heart attacks combined.
  • Falls are the leading cause of death due to injury in people 65 and over. Burns are the second leading cause.
  • More than half of all falls by seniors take place in the home. An additional 23%   occur outside but near the house.
  • In the case of a home fall emergency,   seizure, heart attack, stroke or other       serious illness, a senior usually cannot get to or dial a telephone to call for help.

Did You Know…

According to the National Fire Alarm Code, published by the National Fire Protection Association, it is estimated that on the      average, every family will experience two fires serious enough to report to the fire    department per lifetime.

People over the age of 65 have triple the risk of fire death or injury, and people over the age of 80 have 4.5 times the risk.

DeTech gives you The Safe At Home ™  System & monitored fire protection all for less than the national competition charges for medical alert alone.

With monitoring fees as low as $15.00 a month…DeTech can fit into ANY budget.


The Safe At Home ™  System from DeTech Features

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring
  • Fully installed and serviced by a trained and certified DeTech representative
  • Emergency Pendant: When you need help, press the pendant and help is on the way
  • Low Battery? No problem! The pendant sends a message to the base station to let it know if its battery is getting low
  • Your monthly monitoring fee stays the same, whether you have 1 pendant or 3
  • No-Hassle Clause which allows you to cancel if you no longer need the system
  • 1,000 ft range gives you complete mobility around the house and even the yard
  • Available to call any 4 people you decide such as friends, family, or neighbors
  • Medication Reminder:  You can program up to 8 different times to be reminded to take your medication
  • Great Alternative to the high cost of assisted living or retirement communities
  • Includes Quality Fire Protection that virtually eliminates false alarms


We are DeTech. We save lives.

DeTech Firesense Technologies is a leader in the fight against the U.S. home fire epidemic. The company and its Authorized Dealers save lives by raising public awareness through fire safety education programs, and protect families with the finest fire safety equipment available today.

Our Products:

The FST2006NST and the DT2006SM are some of the most versatile and sophisticated smoke detection devices available for residential applications.  They are powered by a pair of  replaceable lithium batteries with a 10 year life expectancy. DeTech’s smoke detectors not only monitor for the presence of smoke, but they   feature patented internal diagnostics that automatically compensate sensitivity levels to keep the detector operating at peak efficiency. The DT2006SM even utilizes internal software to send a wireless signal to the base station to call the fire department for you!  The DT2006SM is the latest advancement from over 30 years of smoke detection research and development.

It’s About Real Safety.

The FST2004H is backed by over 30 years of heat detection engineeringexperience. This device gives families superior reliability with documented  performance of less than a one in a million failure rate. The FST2004H  can  protect areas that smoke detectors cannot, and requires no external power source (batteries or electricity) so you never have to worry about dead batteries or power loss.

It’s About Time.

DeTech Authorized Dealers carry a full line of fire safety equipment, including fire extinguishers and  escape ladders. DeTech Certified Safety Consultants are specially trained and qualified to make      recommendations as to proper  placement of detection equipment for maximum protection for the family and the home.

It’s DeTech.

Look What Professionals Are Saying

“Occasionally, in this line of business, I come across a product or program that I get excited about and like to share. The Safe At Home ™ System from DeTech is one of those products. In fact, I was so        impressed with them that I asked them to install one in my mom’s home. She likes to work in her yard and the Emergency Button (watch or necklace) monitors up to 1000 feet. They have medication       reminders and the unit does not have to be reset daily, which I thought was a real asset. Smoke detection was an option also.”

Beverly D. Mital, C.E.O

Guardian Family Care, Inc.

LeClaire, IA