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DeTech's product warranties are longer and cover more than any other fire safety products in the world. That is because DeTech's quality is second to none.
Quality DeTech products require little or no maintenance and have built in features to let you know when there is a problem before you need it. To ensure that your DeTech products are in the best condition at all times, see below for more details on warranty and maintenance.
DeTech's local independent dealers cover most parts of the U.S. and usually will service any products at no charge if you are within a reasonable distance from that dealer. If you do not have a local dealer nearby you may also call our international headquarters for telephone assistance 262-236-0123. Outside the U.S. or Canada please call 414-349-0931 for service questions.
Testing the DeTech FST Series Smoke Detectors
Test your detectors annually using the following steps:
If your smoke detectors are monitored be sure to put your system on "test" with the monitoring company first. The phone number is located on or near your base station or is available through your local dealer.
1. Press and hold the test button until the red light begins to flash.
2. Count the flashes.
Four to seven flashes is normal and means your detector is operating properly.
Two or three flashes means that your detector is too sensitive and can be fixed by following the cleaning instructions below.
Eight or nine flashes means that your detector is not sensitive enough and can be fixed by following the cleaning instructions below.
One flash means there is a hardware fault and you should contact your local dealer for warranty replacement.
NOTE: If the detector only flashes once, you can try to reboot your smoke detector by removing the batteries and then firmly pushing and holding the test button for five to seven seconds. Then wait twenty seconds and replace the batteries. Then retest the detector.
Cleaning the DeTech FST Series Smoke Detectors
DeTech smoke detectors come with complete instructions for proper cleaning. If you have misplaced your instructions, be sure to print this page. Please contact a DeTech representative if you have any questions.
Clean the detector cover with a dry or damp (water) cloth as needed to keep it free from dust and dirt. When necessary, clean the detector interior and replace the smoke chamber as follows:
1. Remove the detector from its mounting base and remove the batteries.
2. Slide a flat-blade screwdriver in the slot on the detector cap and gently push the handle down to pry the cap up and off.
3. Press in on the sides of the smoke chamber and pull it up and away from the detector and discard.
4. Blow out or use a soft-bristled brush to remove dust and dirt from the smoke chamber base.
5. Line the new smoke chamber up with the smoke chamber base and snap down into place. You should hear two clicks.
6. Replace the detector cap by lining the cap up with the smoke detector. Insert the cap into the smoke detector and turn clockwise approximately 15°. It should snap firmly into place.
7. Observing the proper polarity, put the batteries back in the detector and replace the battery compartment cover.
8. Reattach the detector to its mounting base.
9. Test the detector sensitivity.

VIDEO: smoke-maint

Resetting the DeTech FST Series Smoke Detectors - (battery location)
When you get a low battery chirp and you suspect the batteries are still good you can reset the detector by doing the following: Remove the detector from the mounting plate and remove the batteries. Press and hold the test button for about 10 seconds. Wait 30 seconds or more. Replace the batteries and remount the detector. If the chirp returns, you do indeed have low batteries and can find them locally at any hardware store.

VIDEO: smoke-battery-reboot

How to Power and Fuse the DeTech FST Series Heat Detector
If your alarm has activated due to an overheated condition, you will need to order a replacement fuse from your representative. If the fuse has simply been removed, you can reapply it with the steps below.
While holding the Heat Alarm in your left hand, insert the winding wrench (located in pocket on back of alarm) into the slot.
Wind the alarm in the clockwise direction until it will advance no further (38 turns). Using your left hand to hold the alarm, HOLD THE WINDING KEY IN THE FULLY WOUND POSITION with your left thumb. The steel pin in the center of the front face of the alarm should now be free to be depressed to the level of the chrome snap. If not, double check to be sure the alarm is fully wound.
Use your right hand to snap the round Heat Sensor onto the center position on the front face of the Heat Alarm. Press the Sensor on its center to avoid damage to the Sensor. The Heat Sensor should snap firmly into place, but do not force it. Gently allow the winding wrench to be released. The wrench will travel counter-clockwise a short distance and stop. This will cause the alarm to ring briefly. The alarm is now wound, fused, and ready to be mounted to the ceiling/wall.


VIDEO: heat-detector-service

Monitored Base Station Back-up Battery Replacement
About every two and a half to three years the battery in the monitored base station will need to be replaced. It will indicate this with beeps and an audible message regarding the system battery being low. If your base station looks different than the one in the video please call us or follow the following directions.  The older model has a outer cover that is removed by pulling on the tab on the top edge of the unit removing the entire cover of the unit. Then just one Phillips screw in the top right corner that will release the cover of the battery compartment.
Manufacturer original replacement batteries are available through your local DeTech dealer and aftermarket versions can be found locally at Batteries Plus outlets. Remove the battery and bring it into the local store to make sure you get the proper replacement.

VIDEO: monitored-battery-replacmnt

Warranties (please see manuals for full details):
Heat Detectors - 25 years
DeTech Branded Smoke Detectors:
Most models made prior to 2006 are 10 years
Most models made during or after 2006 are 20 years
Extinguisher leak proof warranty - 6 years
Escape ladders - 10 years
CO Detectors:
Interlogix Brand - 5 years (7-10 year life expectancy on the sensor)
S-Tech Brand - 2 years
The exclusive DeTech fire replacement guarantee - If you have a fire we will replace the returned fire damaged alarms for life! (contact your local dealer for requirements)