30 years of research and development has led to the introduction of our all-new Special Optics Smoke Detector with On-Guard™.

Tested 3 times more sensitive than over-the-counter smoke detectors!

Most homes have smoke detectors that utilize ionization technology to detect the presence of fire. Tests continually show that ionization technology is very slow to detect a smoldering type of fire and often will not alarm at all, in time for safe escape. The technology used in our new Special Optics detectors have proven to detect a smoldering fire much faster, PLUS they actually "see" the smoke, virtually eliminating false alarms.
  • Built with Hi-Fire™ commercial grade plastics to withstand higher temperatures.
  • Military specification components insure that the detector will perform accurately over time.
  • Exclusive On-Guard™ feature detects different types of fires and automatically adjusts the sensitivity accordingly, giving you more time to escape, without the possibility of false alarms.
  • Powered by replaceable long-life lithium batteries, independently tested to last up to 10 years, greatly reducing maintenance costs and increasing the longevity of the detector.
  • The patented computerized self-diagnostic system constantly monitors all of the functions.
  • The new automatic drift compensation module adjusts for light, dust, and humidity to keep the detector within proper sensitivity levels, almost eliminating the need for cleaning.
  • All electronics are controlled by microprocessors that distinguish between environmental artifacts and real smoke, which eliminates false alarms!
  • The removable chamber creates easy access to the optical eye, making it simple to clean and restore the detector's accuracy. The chamber can be easily replaced in the field, if needed.
  • Our all-new Special Optics smoke detector is the only smoke detector to carry a 20-year limited warranty.
  • Lifetime fire replacement guarantee.
  • Installation by DeTech certified Safety Consultants; Trained professionals to assist with life-saving advice on alarm placement and fire drills.
  • Sold by family-owned and operated dealerships for local service.

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