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For Your Home

Our mission is to provide every family in America with the best education about home fire safety and make quality fire protection, with local service affordable for everyone

Medical Alert

Seniors and Handicapped can enjoy our expanded local protection with Medical Alert and Fire Protection for half the cost of others

For Your Business

25% of businesses NEVER reopen after a fire. Check out our affordable options to be sure your business survives

For Your Pets

DeTech’s Pet Protection allows you peace of mind knowing your pets have the best chance of escape while you are gone

What They Say About Us

Our local Independent Dealers allow us to participate in the communities we serve. We invite you to see what others say about our services and products


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DeTech Inc

Through our local Independent Dealers, DeTech is busy providing free educational programs to individual families, businesses, churches, civic and social groups. The threat of fire, and how to get your family safely out of a burning home does not have to be something you worry about every night when you go to sleep. Our experts can show you how education and technology can combine to give you the peace of mind you want.

It is our mission to get the latest life-safety information into the hands of every parent. It is our belief that if we provide free educational services through our trained professionals, we can help every family make the best decisions about the protection they need and deserve.

We also hope that you will give us the chance to earn your families trust in our local professionals and quality products that are second to none when it comes to protecting lives from fire. Our local Independent Dealers each make the promise to make quality protection affordable for every family.