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Be Prepared!

Being prepared for recruiting and training is not half the battle. Actually, it is probably closer to  90% of the battle.  That’s right! If you are really ready…is in place, you have your plan detailed and you always know what step is next, you will begin to recruit without even thinking about it.  You will start to recognize people that are looking for a change and they will recognize you.  You will start asking people that you meet if they know someone that is looking for an opportunity.  Recruits will seem like they are “coming out of the woodwork”.  You will have a “Recruiting Attitude”.  Of course, these people were always there, you just never saw them because you weren’t ready anyway.

This chapter will outline all of the things you need to prepare to build your dealership.  Follow each step and you will be on your way to another level.

NOTE:Don’t confuse preparation with action.  Preparation is important, but only gets you ready to make a profit.  Action makes the profit.  All of the suggestions in this chapter can easily be done in less than a week, but realistically should be done between ACTION items over a period of time.

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